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If you’re excited to start your career as a truck driver, you first have to choose one of the the many truck driving schools out there to get the skills and experience you need. Many people who are interested in pursuing truck driving jobs aren’t capable of paying much money up front. Fortunately there are a lot of financing options out there to help you with paying for CDL training.

CDL Class A Job Match can help you find the CDL training program that works for you and help you plan how to pay for school and get financing. Fill out the form with your information and we will help you prepare for your truck driving career!

Which Truck Driving School Is Right For You?

The biggest deciding factor when it comes to getting help to pay for CDL school is whether you’re attending a school that is owned and operated by a trucking company or an independently-owned school.

– Company-Sponsored CDL Training Programs

If you attend a school that is owned and run by a trucking company, oftentimes they will pay for your CDL training for little or no money up front. These companies typically require you to sign an agreement to work for the company for one or two years after graduation. This means you would be unable to change jobs for a while if you end up disliking the company you’re working for, but the tradeoff would be that your CDL training is relatively free.

– Independently-Owned Truck Driving Schools

Independently-owned truck driving schools allow you to choose whichever job you like upon graduation. You’re not required to stick with one company if you decide you’re not happy there. The only problem is, you often have to pay up front or as you go. The good news is that you can typically get a loan from the VA or government in order to cover costs while in school. Since the cost of truck driving schools is much less than colleges and universities, the monthly payments on your loans will also be much lower. Repaying loans for CDL school is therefore much more manageable, especially when you consider your level of starting pay. So ultimately the kind of school you choose will affect what kind of trucking job you will have upon graduation and how much you’ll have to pay towards your CDL training.

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Our contacts at truck driving schools are constantly looking for new recruits. This means we can provide you with a FREE consultation on your CDL training options. Let us help you figure out which truck driving school is right for you and how you can finance it. Fill out the form to start your new life as a CDL certified truck driver.

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