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Whether you’re new to truck driving or an industry veteran, finding the right truck driving jobs for you can be hard work. All too often truck drivers hope that this job is the one for them, only to realize a few months later that they’re not happy. Driver turnover these days is unbelievably high! Surprisingly enough, there’s actually a pretty simple solution: let CDL Class A Job Match find the company that’s offering exactly what you’re looking for.

CDL Class A Job Match Puts You First

Truck drivers are actually in demand! Companies don’t like having 100% turnover and are looking for a qualified employee that will actually stay with them for many years. In order to keep the right employee, they’re willing to offer what you’re looking for. This dream job that fits your lifestyle and needs is really difficult to find by wading through truck driving job listings. CDL Class A Job Match does the hard part. We ask you what you are looking for in a company trucking job, and we find the company that offers what you need whether it be the best equipment, great benefits, or perhaps more at-home time. CDL Class A Job Match wants you to be happy with your trucking job and that will in turn make companies happy.

How It Works

No need to fill out multiple applications or dig through listings, just fill out our ONE application and let CDL Class A Job Match do the rest. We’ll look at what you want and need from a company truck driving job and hand-pick the best positions that fit what you’re looking for. You decide who gets your information and who can contact you. Only take the trucking job you’re actually interested in. In the end, you’ll have a truck driving job that suits your lifestyle and the trucking company will have a qualified employee they can truly rely on. Our process is always 100% free and 100% confidential so everyone ends up 100% happy.

There’s a company looking for someone just like you. Let us do the dirty work, you just fill out the application.

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Our services are 100% free and 100% confidential. We only have relationships with companies we trust that are truly in need of truck drivers, and you will only be contacted by employers you’re interested in.

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